Derya Lastik Ldt. Sti. elastomeric bearings manufacturer, In 1994, still in our office is located in Istanbul-Demirkapı district's location on an area of ​​50m ², with three staff began operations. Further enlarge our scope of work each year, in order to achieve a good level of service, manufacturing our area from 50m² to 1,200m², capitalized.

In addition, the TS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certificate While proud of completing our work, we have obtained the Turkish Standards Compliance Elastomeric Bearings TSE product. We continue our efforts regarding other documents quickly. We have also entered into a new formation.

Production areas; Rubber Injection presses, plastic injection presses and compression techniques are applied to manufacture of rubber and plastic seals, rubber speed bump cutter, Bridge, Stadium, viaducts and similar constructions Elastomeric Bearing Mounting manufacturing, automotive sektöüne using robot technology, industry, glass industry, Eggs production facilities, Labeled Plastic Packaging manufacturing and so on. sectors, bellows suction rubber manufacturing, food and medical sterile product packaging Multivac packaging machine sealing plate gasket and O-ring seals Manufacture of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems, Aircraft parking area, and to secure the production of a variety of different sectors to Mounting Rubber, Plastic, Seals producing raw materials, jointing . Completely standardized products as well as customer and the company's largest mission to meet special requests. About informations manufacturer
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